What is the first feeling we get when we see a successful person….?

Undoubtedly it is the feeling of ‘AWE’!!!

Isn’t it…? Yes…and a bit of envy also.

Then we go on to analyze  why and how that person is successful…..what makes him click..? What is the extra talent or charisma that he has got which has made him successful…?

Did I say Charisma..?  Yes …Charisma…!!! Every successful person carries a certain degree of Charisma which an average person may not have or may have very minimal.

These successful people are very dynamic, and always on the go…with a ‘Never Say Die’ attitude…!!! And we wonder where they get this tremendous energy from.

When we observe successful people very closely we find they are always alert as well as highly energetic, physically, mentally and passionately obsessed with what they are doing … and success comes to them naturally. Success, apart from other factors, is primarily based on the passion to succeed and the energy to aim high and achieve it.

The passion to succeed sources the energy and in turn the energy boosts the passion.

A healthy ‘Mind’ in a healthy ‘Body’…!!!

Mostly these are inborn talents and virtues….does that mean an average person is fated to live an unfulfilled and unsuccessful life due to the lack of these virtues and talents..?

No need to despair…even if one has a small flickering flame to have a fulfilled life one can reach there. An average person can develop these qualities and the energy required to be successful and extraordinary in life. This means a healthy and focused mind with lots of willpower and inner strength and physical energy   to move ahead meeting the challenges thrown at us by life to win our prized desire. Life is a game…and we all should learn all the techniques and ideas to win. We all should play skillfully and strategically.

Our forefathers, the saints and sages of yore developed many techniques for the welfare of mankind. These spiritual scientists developed miraculous powers through continuous research. Siddhas, the spiritual scientists of India worked tirelessly to formulate better life for the mankind. Siddhas known as Siddhars or Chittars are saints and sages with yogic powers or siddhis or mystical powers harnessed with pranayams, meditations and mantras or chants. These spiritual giants had miraculous powers. Through their practices they are believed to have reached stages of insight which enabled them to tune into powers hidden in various material substances and practices, useful for the suffering and ignorant mankind. They were saints, doctors, alchemists and mystics all at once.

These were kept secret so that it does not fall into wrong hands and were only passed on to selected people through generations.

Siddhas unlocked the mysteries of the secret to the inner strength lying dormant in each and every human being.

Inner Power is one such technique given to the mankind by these spiritual scientists.

Inner Power is a divine gift from the heavens for the current times. Inner power is the power lying dormant in each and every human being. Activation and harnessing of the inner power opens up many faculties otherwise lying dormant and waiting to be used for a successful life.

Inner Power activates certain energy points in the human body in which the AAYAM ENERGY is lying dormant. This energy when  activated and harnessed and expanded by following certain breathing techniques, meditations and physical exercise makes one like a superhuman with tremendous energy and strength. This is combined with certain anaerobic exercises to build up prana or life force energy also known as Chi or Ki or Qi.

These pranas along with the Aayam energy, when practiced and developed and integrated instills great energy and power into the body and mind. The practice nourishes the body and mind and has   these energies flowing in perfect harmony and balance. When the energies are in balance and perfect harmony the lethargy vanishes. The person is motivated to move towards his goals and targets with confidence. The fear or apprehension which limits a person is eliminated and is naturally replaced with courage and strength. Everything seems possible. The productivity naturally levels up. There is a strange satisfaction and the urge to exceed the otherwise seeming limitations. Here one knows and understands that the limit is only in the thoughts and in the mind and if one aims high even the sky is not the limit. They say one becomes what one thinks…thoughts play an important role in shaping up our life. Inner Power eliminates fear, anxiety, uncertainty and scores of other negative emotions and replaces these with positive thoughts of optimism, confidence, valour, courage, humility and awareness. Here is where the SECRET works…

The desire in its purest positive emotions is supported by the universe. The universe conspires to its manifestation. The only thing between the success and you is the negative thoughts and emotions which drains the mind of its strength to perform.

The Inner Power also raises the immunity in the body and makes it strong internally and externally. We have seen the knives unable to cut through an Inner Power practitioner.

We have also seen lot of healing taking place internally within the system, physically as well as emotionally.

Constant practice raises the energy level and in turn raises the productivity. Increased productivity in turn boosts the confidence and passion to excel more, reach greater heights.

Inner Power gives a natural protection to the body, mind and soul. That is one cannot be affected by any sort of negativity intending to harm. One is protected from physical and metaphysical attacks. One finds innate strength to face the world and all the challenges. Nothing seems to limit the passion and productivity.

In these current times of advanced technology where mankind is drained physically and mentally by the electromagnetic smog’s Inner Power is the only way out and only hope. Aayam energy is the only shield for a perfect healthy body and mind.

When practiced collectively by the corporates or spiritual groups it will create a synergy field where the weaker section is automatically pulled up by the collective force.

Just like the migratory birds that fly thousands of miles due to collective energy generated by the flapping of thousands of birds, where the weaker birds are just pulled along due to the force created by the synergy.

Inner Power  practice creates an aura around the practitioner. A magnetic charisma which automatically commands RESPECT and AWE…!!!

We have been blessed with the keys to the new world of Inner Power. We shall discover new ways to enhance our life with these energies. Let us enter into a new world full of power, enthusiasm, possibilities and opportunities.

-Nandesh Kuttappan,

Acharya – Pranashakty International,

Dubai, UAE