The instances we share here are a collection of real life experiences that happened in some of our lives after doing Inner Power by Auradefence. Some of the experiences may seem unbelievable to many but we experienced these in a repeatable fashion beyond the slightest doubt.

This is one of my favourite past times, especially while traveling. This technique needs a little bit of practice, confidence and of course need to do IP practices regularly. It all started by cutting clouds into two. While travelling, my train was held up at a certain station and I was left with nothing to do. I started experimenting with cutting the clouds using prana. First I thought it was just a coincidence when a huge cumulus cloud parted into two in about 2 minutes of focusing, but I was convinced when I later went on to cut many clouds and even flattened a huge cloud into a flat shape. Later that day I even managed to make  smiley like shape out of it. At aragam we have managed to make this a game every time we go out together for picnics. From triangles, holes and squares we have tried many shapes. Fascinating isn’t it.
Another incident, a very memorable one, was when myself and my friend went shopping in a nearby super market. By the time we got out, its was getting dark, heavily raining with lightening and thunder. Unfortunately we had no umbrella with us. I tried using prana to make a big hole enough to part away the rain clouds from the supermarket. In 5 minutes the rains caem down to a drizzle and we crossed the road to the other side of the highway and looked at the sky. It was one of the most amazing and satisfying visual…there was a huge hole in the thick, rain cloud almost the size of the building and stars where shining in the clearance. I ran to my apartment, got may camera and tried to take photos but nothing came clear because of the lack of light.
There are so many instances where I have used prana to do many tricks, including making the bakery guy pick the exact pastry i need from a lot..ha ha ha funny but works for sure. But let me remind the reader that Its because we practice daily, it does not happen merely by getting activations or attending a class.

Then the effect of the Aayam shield. The protective action of this shield is so good, that we eventually see that all those people who try to do harm at office just moving out of the picture, falling silent or their wicked plans destroyed as soon as they start. One of the experiences with a student of the aragam is that 360 degree change in the behavior of opposite sex. This person used to have very less friends and did not have a good going with opposite sex, but soon after the aayam activation, at office, people are just flocking around, with small talks, lunch outs. This has completely changed the persons life. So much confidence and happiness of being wanted etc …but sometimes this personal magnetism from Aayam energy can be a little bit of nuisance, especially for women, but its is something one can adjust to when weighing the acceptance, appreciation and respect one gains at the work place.
Then there are instances of instant healing, a student who could never kick start his motor bike with his right leg started to kick start his bike the next day after he got the activation. Many students regulars and irregulars have experienced such wonderful healing effect, minor and major, because of this energy. To describe all these here would ruin the scope of this write up.

One of incident was when two of the students while returning back to their homes, after the days practice at aragam were approached by two local gangsters. They approached the students in a menacing way but as soon as they reached them guys, their attitude completely, changed, the gangster guy in the lead appeared very confused as if his brain suddenly stopped working and the guy with him just said “oh nothing”. Imagine these guys are thoroughbred gangster guys of the locale and very few have escaped without being robbed or rough handled.

Almost everybody in the aragam has experienced the protection, the increase in fitness, the acceptance and attraction and the tremendous energy that makes daily work an easy ride, by doing Inner Power practices daily.