Aragam or contact classes are one of the ways through which Auradefence teaches Inner Power classes. This apart from the workshops that are conducted world wide all year through. Workshops have their own advantages, but this newsletter would focus more on the Aragam mode of teaching inner power.

Aragam is the best method, for people who would want to do inner power practices regularly under guidance, to learn Inner Power. This is because; an aragam provides the student with an opportunity to train regularly with a qualified teacher. The student always gets to learn and practice with other students at their on pace while getting individual attention, rigorous practice sessions and a strict training regime.

Aragam’s usually imparts Level-1 training to its students. Students are required to attend a minimum number of days to get certified at level-1 and shall only be certified thereafter. The aragam is run by an acharya authorized by Auradefence. An acharya is empowered by the Maha Guru of Auradefence to provide the aayam activation to students. The acharya has to undergo a specific training under the maha guru’s guidance for a stipulated time before being able to qualify as a teacher. Apart from that the acharya needs to demonstrate, to the satisfaction of the maha guru, competence in his ability to teach students, demonstrated abilities of his aayam shield and successful chupu activation (the secret technique of activating the aayam shield) on students. An aragam is allotted to an acharya for certain geographical area where he or she will have exclusive rights to conduct classes.

Inner power aragam has become a joint for continuous learning and development, rigorous trainings and satsangs.  Students joining the aragams have expressed continuing interest in practicing at the aragams, a clear indication of the good teaching practices and merit of inner power course contents as laid out by Auradefence International.

Apart from all these, aragam is an excellent business model, whereby acharya’s get an opportunity to derive some income out of fees collected from students. Usually an aragam requires about 100 square feet of space per five students and can be easily operated at a yoga studio or a facility of similar use. A typical class would be of two hours and would contain the physical exercises as well a meditation component of the course. Classes may be also be, conducted at beaches and lawns which certainly has a different appeal in itself.