Are you really ready to awakening your own Inner Beauty?

It has dawned on me that the path of Inner Beauty is one of courage and faith. Not everyone will be brave enough to take the steps to true self love and the transformation that occurs as a result of that awakening. It requires a letting go of the personal stories that hinder our growth.  The pull will be so strong for some though, that nothing will hold them back. Once standing in the flow of Inner Beauty energy all doubt will dissovle, for the truth is Beautiful.

I speak of the Inner Beauty Aura Detox Therapy. A spa treatment that has proven itself as a system that creates permanent change in a person on all levels of their being. One whose roots go back thousands of years to the siddhar saints that forged a medical system to bring light into the body.

How does this make sense to us common folk?

Aura Defence uses applied Siddha science to make the  ancient  practise appropriate for all . Anybody can receive these healing treatments and experience transformation from a deep core level almost effortlessly. For the energy does the work for you. You do not need to process your shadow and dig out the trauma. Just surrender to the light and allow it to transform you, make you radiant and beautiful,peaceful and loving in a way you may have not thought possible.

Applied Siddha science created a system designed to removed negative energies from the primary aura. The part of the aura that is closest to the body and does not change as the secondary aura does. With the use of powerful mantras,  the aura is filled with Divine Light energy. Complete change can take place in 7 sessions.

There may be detoxification effects such as flu-like symptoms as energy  and chronic issues are cleansed from the body. This can at times feel uncomfortable.  There may also be a detoxing of your life. A job, friend, or living situation that has not been healthy for you may fall away, and be replaced with situations that are more compatible with your new vibration. All of this can be dealt with easily with trust and knowing that all change is for the  betterment of your situation.

Many people spend huge amounts of money on products advertised to bring a youthful look. Unfortunately, most of the products on the market are filled with harmful chemicals and petrolium products. These products are carcinogenic and do not make you more beautiful, but sick. When these products don’t work, women will often, in their desperation to hold onto beauty, resort to expensive and invasive surgeries that distort the face and body and can create intense discomfort and possible paralysis.

What if you can have beauty another way?

A way that is enjoyable, self loving, powerful, and effective.

Inner Beauty ignites the beauty that is within and the body responds. Everything on the physical level started from energy. Before an injury, there was an energetic imbalance. Touch the energetic level and the body responds.

Aura Detox Spa Therapy is not about vanity.

In my case, I was searching for freedom from my suffering. I had a life blessed in so many ways, but I was so absorbed by my own mental and emotional turmoil that I couldn’t be present in my life the way I wanted to be.

Self love was not my experience. Hyper-critical of every part of my life robbed me of any natural beauty. Now I am actually gazing in the mirror at my forty year old face and seeing for the first time that I am beautiful. With that knowlege everything in my life has changed. My relationship with my husband, friends, how I express my self in my work, and just how I feel inside. All the negative emotions and thoughts  are gone. I am always happy now. Even when I am angry, I am not absorbed by it. I can watch it and let it go. My life is filled with softness, love, acceptance, and gratitude.

On the physical level, my skin is clearer, softer, brighter. My eyes are bright and white. Chronic pain is releasing. Most importantly, my life long struggle with my menstrual cycle has solved. The pain is much less and heavy flow has lightened. Emotionally, the deep depression and intense terror that I would feel for about a week every month is gone. I live through my cycle as if it were like every other day. This is a miracle and I am so grateful. I also know that this is just the beginning. So many other things are shifting beneath my feet and I know in 5 years from now everything will be different.

Which leads back to courage. I needed  the courage to change and to  take a risk financially and commit to stepping into the session. That said, once the first step was taken the rest was all taken care of by the Inner Beauty practitioner and the medicine she carried.

Tamara Mathias

Inner Beauty Master Teacher, Canada

If you are interested please contact for schedule.