A year before my actual trip to visit to Shirdi, i found a Baba’s song/ lyric thru Internet.The verses of the song in Tamil touched my heart. At the moment, i put a vow that ‘l’ll sing this song when i’m in shirdi and in my heart requested Baba to come and listen to the song” and also told Baba “i’m coming to my father’s house,let me have full freedom,please avoid ques”.

I was in shirdi on December ’10 with my Pranashakty brothers and sisters.On the day we ready to visit Shirdi temple my friends warn me not to open-up my mouth to sing since there will be 70 to 80 thousand people will be at the temple.Hearing that i went to hotel room to keep the song lyric but a voice inside me said “Baba is awaiting to listen to your song” . So i took the song lyric and lead to Shirdi temple. To my suprise, there were not so crowed as mention by my friends and very short ques. A saw a group of people singing Hindi Baba’s song, so i followed them singing. When they finish singing, ” a voice came to me, say “sing”.

I started to sing and all my friends turned and looked at me but master Raj hold my hand brought me in-front of the row and said “i’m here with you, sing”. That’s it …with Utaya and other followed we sang the song. I can’t express the inner joy, the bliss in word…..I felt the presence of Baba”…….even now ,recalling the memory bring me in joy and happiness.

Sri Jothimalar Ma,

Acharya, Pranashakty International