​An oil once used by the privileged few of the royalty in India. This recipe made by great Siddhars of south India and the recipe closely guarded by royal guards for thousands of years, now revealed through SASI. This oil claims its fame by its ability to give you a radiant glow overnight and matchless beauty with regular use. Many wars were fought to gain the hands in marriage of those royal women who used this recipe.

Its even told that Apsaras flock the area where this oil is made, to steal the energy signatures to enhance their beauty. The aura from the oil not only attracts people but also help to reduce stress..which is the key for everlasting beauty…!

Inner beauty oil is prepared through a very mystical process that needs a huge effort and spiritual powers. A rare mixture of herbs including Sandal wood, saffron, turmeric and Red Sandal wood are subjected to an ancient siddha extraction process. During the oil extraction process, pure gold prepared in a secret siddha method is added to the mixture, followed by an uninterrupted 9 hour yogic process wherein the healing and beauty enhancing vibrations of the moon, sun are blended and permanently sealed in to the preparation. During the whole process, the area will be filled by peaceful and harmonizing vibrations that is instilled in to this preparation. The result of all these is a very pure golden oil that carries very high vibrations capable of reducing stress induced aging and many beauty enhancing properties. The beauty of this process is that the transformation that takes place are not only from the surface but are from inside as well.

Some of the benefits are:

  1. The oil, once absorbed in to the skin will glow from inside. The Siddhar youth energy will make it youthful and glowing.
  2. Rejuvenates and revitalizes the skin from within, leaving it soft, supple, and young-looking
  3. Removes blemishes and evens skin tone
  4. Relieves stress. Stress less body is the most important factor for achieving beauty
  5. Healing for entire body
  6. Aura of sun gives vitality, increases skin resistance to environmental hazards
  7. Aura of moon gives attraction, influence and charisma
  8. Protects the skin year round from the elements
  9. Prevents pimples and acne.
  10. Works as an antiseptic – good for nicks & cuts

A person’s aura – before and after the use of Inner Beauty Oil:

Click the image to view in full size

Click the image to view in full size

As you can see in the image on left side, There were patches in the person’s aura, that were energized in just 20 minutes after using the Inner Beauty Oil (as seen in the image on right side). The overall aura became very strong and even that indicates improvement in overall health. Areas that shows health status of skin and related tissues show drastic improvement. Interesting fact is that these changes happened in just 20 minutes after using the oil. Regular use will surely give more deeper changes.

Note : The aura image capture and analysis was done with state of art aura camera called the GDV Camera which that uses the kirlian system to capture energy and aura changes in the body of the subject. For more information, please visit :http://korotkov.org