Common name: Hibiscus

Botanical name : Hibiscus rosa-sinensis

Tamil Name:  Sembaruthi

Family : Malavaceae

Parts Used : whole plant

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis grows as an evergreen herbaceous plant.

A native to tropical and sub-tropical regions, this plant is extensively cultivated as an ornamental plant.

It bears large flowers on the bushy hedges. This enormous flowers are usually dark red in color and are not usually fragrant.

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis is the national flower of Malaysia, called Bunga Raya(big flower) in Malay.







Medicinal uses 

  • Extract from flowers prevents oxidation of LDL- cholesterol which contributes the hardening of blood vessels and heart disease.
  • Hibiscus tea can  help cool down on a hot day, protecting your body against aging while making your head feel more clear.
  • Bitter roots are used as aperitive and tonic.
  • Hibiscus flowers, roots and leaves, are anodyne and emmenagogue. They regulate menstruation and stimulate blood circulation. Traditionally, (not scientifically proven) flowers are used as contraceptive and helps to reduce overbleeding during mensus.
  • Hibiscus rosa sinensis Linne is effective against diabetes (type 2) and wound healing activity.
  • Hibiscus esculentus extracts, used in cosmetics  improve skin wrinkles by inhibiting muscle contraction and removing oxygen free radicals.
  • Oil prepared with the extract of  flowers is very useful in treating dandruff and scalp problems. It is also good for hair growth & coloring.