I went through Helium activation during the Jothi 1 retreat and would like to share my experience.

While chanting mantra to Lord Ganesha I felt a cold stream of energy going through the center of my palms. I put my hands together next to Anahata, invited Lord Ganesha to my heart and felt warm coming to that place then.

At the same time I felt like my body began to grow and became lighter then. It was spreading in my body in all directions evenly, in every physical organ. I really felt it and saw the energy of different colours including the green, turquoise, purple, blue ones that turned to the vital yellow band width of 40 -50 sm. The small red and yellow suns of a diameter of 1 sm were situated on that band as well as dense hairs of 0.5 sm around it.

The band was flowing from the right side to the left one and turned back to the purple, royal blue and and crimson stream of energy. I didn’t felt my physical body, its weight but at the same time I very clearly felt my spine as if there were nothing else.

I have been feeling that lightness in my body up to now.

Ludmila Alekseeva, Kazakhstan