I have had many powerful and beautiful experiences with the healing energies and modalities given to me by the Pranashakty masters. Most recently, I developed a very large lump in my breast and immediately asked Pranasiddhar Manimaran what I should use to heal it. I was worried because breast cancer runs in my family. He told me to use the Inner Power Prana I learned to develop and use in Pranashakty’s Inner Power 2 workshop and to get a second opinion from a doctor. I went to my doctor and scheduled an appointment for an ultrasound. The lump was about the size of a golf ball.

Every day I used Inner Power Prana healing on the lump for 5-10 minutes. I also prayed to Shirdi Baba, rubbed his sacred ash on the spot and mixed some in water and drank it. When I went for the ultrasound, the technicians could not see anything, even though the lump was physically there, they could not see it. I continued to use the Inner Power Prana healing every day, and in 10 days it was almost gone. Now it is barely there, and I have faith that it will continue to diminish with prayer and practice.

My body can heal itself. With these divine healing powers, available through the masters of Pranashakty, we don’t need to use invasive surgical means to bring our systems into balance. What we need is faith, perseverance, and guidance from a spiritual adept – from a MahaGuru who can show us the way to perfect health.

– Sara Kuhn, (Sri Jothi Veeram Ma)

Acharya, Pranashakty International