We are happy to introduce a special scholarship program for DASS on the day of Guru Purnima. Some great hearts in Malaysia and India, who have recognized the potential of DASS program, have come forward with an offer of 50% sponsorship for 10 new eligible candidates. They were impressed with the work done by SASI and felt that they can help Siddha system by cultivating knowledge through us.

We congratulate the sponsors who wanted to do this service even without revealing their names. This is called true compassion. We hope that many such great souls will come forward in future with such helping hands there by helping us to offer scholarships at the same time being able to manage the cost and quality.

As Swami Ramalingam said,

Mercy (DHAYAVU),compassion (KARUNAI) and omnigrace (ARUL)
will reveal or hear the same, and similar meaning, and hence,
the soul knowledge with Supreme compassion ITSELF, is the fully perfect and whole Bliss.
That is, the Supreme Knowledge with its Supreme Compassion.
This is the word – for word meaning of the MAHAMANTRA VAAKYA, the Great sentence of the Greatly Divine

Who can apply?

50% scholarship for regular admissions

  1. 10 new DASS students who satisfy the following criteria can avail 50% scholarship
  2. Any one who satisfy basic eligibility criteria of DASS above 18 years of age from any country
  3. Must be interested in pursuing a career in Siddha
  4. Must be willing to travel to another place or country for practical training
  5. Must NOT have enrolled for DASS as on 15 July 2011

100% scholarship for those who are willing to contribute

You are eligible for 100% scholarship if

  1. If you have expertise in French, Spanish, German. (TO BE ADDED), and are willing to translate DASS English course contents to the above mentioned languages
  2. The contents of 3 year course are huge and contain very divine and important knowledge. Fully dedicated and interested translators only need to apply.
  3. You need to attach the proof of your expertise in the language along withthe application form

Selection process:

  1. A committee that includes sponsors and advisers will shortlist the candidates for the scholarship program
  2. SASI is not involved in shortlisting process
  3. Previous experience in alternate medicine or energy healing will be an added advantage
  4. Committee will also review the commitment that you offer to the Siddha medicine world