Jothi is each light symbolize a individual soul try to merge with the universal soul, i am happy that Pranashakty members of Trivandrum done this Guru Purnima puja to our Guru Swami Ramalingam and all other Great master in the path of grace light- Sri Pranaji


The relationship between a Guru and Shishya is one of the deepest and mystical relationships of all. The intricacies of which, a third person cannot comprehend. This Guru Poornima we decided to offer something, in return, as thanks giving to the great Guru’s who have showered us with so many blessings.

The lamps were lit in the faith that each small flame of agni would relay our immense gratitude and love to the great divine forms that guide us every day. The light of the lamps you see here are the non-destructible essence of the Guru who is present in all of us and today we tell this world that we are really thankful to the guru’s for being the light within. The 1008 lamps and the brilliance it radiated represent the magnanimity of the work undertaken by a Guru. If 1008 lamps can create such a wonderful radiance, imagine the thousands of disciples who walk this earth radiating their inner light…all lit by a Guru. The depth and ramifications of a simple act by Guru cannot be judged by any measure or assumption because it has multi-dimensional role and trying to do so would be like judging the effect of water on human life.

It is always true that in a Guru-shishya relationship we take more than we give back. Today we see that while we take so much from our Guru we hesitate to give back. The most wonderful thing about a Guru is that they give freely and with whole heartedness and we take everything. We fail to see value of their gifts because, we are used to getting gifts or favours which carry with them hidden conditions and attributes of many ego’s that reinforce the importance of these gifts and the giver in our lives so that we remember to thank and ever remain gratefully bound to these persons for life. But, when a Guru gives, he gives with all his heart and he gives freely and unconditionally. Our conditioned mind fails to register the significance and immensity of a Guru’s gifts, simply because we are not used to it. Yet we receive and fail in many ways to be grateful.

Gratitude can be in terms of seva which all of us can freely give. They never ask but we should do our best to be of seva. How one can be of seva is up to the individual. One could always offer the readiness to help in any area the Guru decides or may work to carry forward the Guru’s message, or simply by being of service to him.  Being of seva means, that it should be done with the simplest goal of helping and should not be done to boost one’s own ego.

Observing great devotion and care for the Guru’s who are but the living representatives of God in our lives and ensuring that we have the keenness to return in whatever possible ways, shall forever seal the indestructible bond we may ever need for our spiritual transformation.

With Gratitude, Respect and Love to all our great Masters.

– Siddha Center, Trivandrum, Kerala, India