The Program Developed  Dr Sri Pranaji , the founder of Pranashakty international, Siddha Varma kalai Malaysia and Siddha Applied Science Institute.

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Aligned chakras after SMEP for learning and memory



























Aura image Before and after SMEP
























 GDV  Study

EPI/GDV: Electro-Photonic Imaging through Gaseous Discharge Visualization is a revolutionary system that provides non-invasive, painless and almost immediate evaluation which can highlight potential health abnormalities prior to even the earliest symptoms of an underlying condition, and suggests courses of action.  EPI scan can provide a broad spectrum of information and supportive suggestions. It has been used extensively in medicine, sports, consciousness studies, agriculture, materials studies, and space measurements.  The data collected are then displayed as interpretation of human EPI/GDV grams in energy pattern view (aura), chakra point of view as well as in a diagnostic point of view.

Siddha Memory empowerment Program ( SMEP) for youth has specific focus on helping them to handle stress related issue from the current education system.This program developed by Dr, Sri Pranaji a siddha yoga master as well spiritual master. The stress for high achievements in studies has caused many problems to the students,  both personaly and socially . SMEP is designed with a specific intention to help improve student’s memory capacity so that learning becomes a joyful process.  SMEP’s main part is Saraswati Nadi activation – at Nabhi chakra and Crown Chakra. This activation helps in balancing the right and left brain. It helps improve,  the memory function, ability perform under high stress.

Siddha Science is the Science of correcting the energy field. Recent  study done about the changes after SMEP as shown in the above pictures with the help of GDV Camera.

The energy field/area is increased almost 23% immediately after the Saraswati nadi activation. (from 19290 to 25053). Improvement in the energy around navel is clearly visible after the Nabhi(Navel) chakra activation. After activation at crown chakra, right and left energy balance can be seen in the last aura image. Its clear that, by practising this technique, we can act in balanced manner in any given stressful situation.

The virtual chakra image – It is clearly visible that all chakras are more aligned at center line after the activation and activity of ajna and throat chakra is increased.  Heart chakra has become stronger and stable. On the right side of this image its shown the activity of each chakra . Normalised energetic value of chakra and  Emotional – physical disbalance .

The activity of Ajna chakra -0.10 (before activation)  is increased to +0.26 (after activation) This chakra  is related to intuition, concentration and intelligence center. Similarly, the activity of throat chakra -0.01 (before activation ) is increased to 0.29 ( after activation) This chakra is related communication, speech and telepathic center.