Those of us who have welcomed Jothi into our lives each experience it in a myriad of different ways.  We may feel the energy moving through our bodies, we may experience  many emotions including feelings of bliss and peace or indeed, we may feel that we have none of these experiences and this may cause us to ask if we are ‘doing it correctly’.   The answer to that question is…of course we are!  Each one of us has different experiences with the Divine energy – there is no perfect experience to which you should aspire, except for the one that is yours.

My own journey with the Jothi energy has been quite wonderful and of late, quite powerful.  As we understand, the Jothi initiates changes on the physical, mental and spiritual levels and over these past few months I have been experiencing many changes on these levels.  Very subtly the Jothi has been guiding me to be more and more in the present and is helping me to carry that presence and quality of mind into my everyday life.  It is with light heartedness and joy that I set about doing physical tasks…I have recently landscaped my garden and shovelled 13 cubic metres of earth and stones…a huge effort for me!! In fact as I work I sing mantras and I know that this beautiful energy is going into my work…and my garden. 

I am experiencing more physical energy (which has enabled me to do more physical work).  I have also been experiencing energy surges during which I feel intense heat, ringing in my ears and my body feels so full of energy that I think it is going to burst.

Now it seemed a little off-putting at first…like what is going on??…but when you know and understand that is happening to you then you can begin to relax into the Jothi energy and embrace these wonderful happenings.  So if this is happening to you too, just let the Jothi do what it does…accept it and enjoy it!

Sri Jothi Arul Ma