EPI/GDV: Electro-Photonic Imaging through Gaseous Discharge Visualization is a revolutionary system that provides non-invasive, painless and almost immediate evaluation which can highlight potential health abnormalities prior to even the earliest symptoms of an underlying condition, and suggests courses of action.  EPI scan can provide a broad spectrum of information and supportive suggestions. It has been used extensively in medicine, sports, consciousness studies, agriculture, materials studies, and space measurements.  The data collected are then displayed as interpretation of human EPI/GDV grams in energy pattern view (aura), chakra point of view as well as in a diagnostic point of view.

Aura Detox therapy is an energy therapy which helps remove years of accumulated toxins in your aura from past emotional, mental, and physical health experiences. Aura Detox Therapy by AuraDefence International uses a special life force energy called the “Inner Cell Activation” to activate an inner process which manifests radical transformations to the physical body and the aura, therefore changing your inner self. Here I describe the use of Aura Detox therapy and the scientific proof behind the transformative powers of this special technique.

This case describes a 53 year old house wife from India who has diabetes from the past 10 years. One preliminary evaluation, her energy system reflects serious damages to her body and also of an ongoing process of slow degeneration typical with diabetes. GDV grams were captured before and after the Aura Detox therapy and are given below. The before and after GDV diagrams clearly show the tremendous improvement (around 7700 units increase) in the psycho-emotional energy field of the patient with complete repair of break through areas. It has been demonstrated that continuous maintenance of a good energy field can positively influence physiological changes and can heal. Aura Detox therapy is a very powerful technique which can bring about lots of positive transformation to the body and mind.