Botanical Name : Cynodon dactylon

Common Name : Durva Grass, Bermuda Grass

Tamil Name :  Arugampul

Parts Used : leaf and roots
Cynodon dactylon is one type of grass most widely used in medicines. It is also called hare grass since it forms a food for hares. The main virtue of this grass is its effect of removing poison from the system. In fact, after severe fighting with the snake, the mongoose will eat this grass to eliminate the poison from its body due to snake bite.
It spreads easily and may occupy most of the area of pasture land. The roots go deep into earth.    Cynodon  dactylon can survive any weather. In fact it may grow even after many years.

It is the most sacred plant in India next to tulasi. According to India mythology, its said that  Lord Ganesha swallowed a demon Analsura. Due to that Lord Ganesha was suffering from heat in body. Only after applying Durva grass juice on the forehead, he was relieved. The story just indicates that body heat due to pitta can be effectively removed by druva juice.

Durva is astringent and sweet in taste , sweet in the post digestive effect and has cold potency . It alleviates kapha and pitta dosa. It is used in skin diseases, blood disorders, thirst and burning sensation in the body. Generally it is used as lawn grass.

The whole plant of durva is used for medicinal purpose, externally as well as internally.









Medicinal Uses

  • Arugampul juice or powder increases hemoglobin levels and has good effects on anemic pregnant mothers. It is an excellent supplement for lactating mothers. It boosts Prolactin and so increases the quality and quantity of breast milk.
  • Arugampul or Bermuda grass contains more than 65% of chlorophyll  This helps in increasing the number of red blood cells in our body. It contains protein, fiber, calcium and phosphorus and potassium. It helps in maintaining the alkalinity of blood as it reduces acidity. It helps resists attacks of cold and is quick in removing phlegm.
  • As a potent styptic, it effectively arrests the bleeding in dysentery, piles,  menorrhagia, diarrhea, raktapitta, nosebleed etc.
  • The grass is beneficial in the treatment of epilepsy and hysteria and in conditions associated with pain, due to vitation of vata dosha.
  • It checks the uterine bleeding, strengthens the uterus, averts the abortion and augments the fetus growth. The plant juice given along with rice water and rock candy, curbs the vomiting. This is why in some parts of India, a few drops of durva juice is used for the new bride as nasal drops in the wedding ceremony.
  • Durva roots are also used to augment the complexion of the skin.
  • This grass improves digestion, cures stomach ailments. It has been observed that dogs, troubled with stomach ailments, search out and eat this grass. Hence the name Dog’s Tooth Grass.
  • The paste made from durva taken with butter  improves intellect and makes the face very attractive.
  • Oil prepared with durva grass, pepper & cumin seeds is useful in many eye diseases. This is prepared with gingly oil and used on the head.