Miracles  By  Swamiji

One day two Brahmins who were worshippers of sun came from Vishakapattinam. They reported to the Swami their inability to attain, by practice of the methods given in shastra, either “apara marga siddhi” such as melting iron, silver, gold and other metals by keeping it in hand or “Para marga siddhi” by which one can move and travel in space like sun. Vallalar took a silver rupee coin and kept it in his hand for a few minutes. Then the coin melted and ran down as silver

One day Swamiji was standing in the sun shine along with a devotee by name Ayyasamy Pillai of Cuddalur. The Swami asked him, “What is the sign of a Suddha Jnani?” The devotee remained silent, unable to answer. Then the Swami told him that there would be no shadow of the body of a Suddha Jnani. The fact that the Swami’s body did not cast shadow on the ground came to be known thus. This proves the glory of one who had realised Suddha Satya Jnana the pure Truth Consciousness, and the Siddhi or perfection of the triple body.