The news of  Ramlingam’s  lectures at so young age, spread like wild fire to all places in the vicinity and people began to surround him to have a glimpse of the young boy and hear the divine songs in praise of Almighty from his mouth.

Eminent scholars and religious heads became his students and disciples.  Velayudha Mudaliar of Thozuvur, who was the head of Tamil literature in the Presidency college, Chennai was the first to step in.  Several others also followed suit and they used to address him as ‘Ramalinga adigalar’.

Apart from the discourses and singing of songs towards the Almighty, he used to clear the doubts of those who came to see him with the sole inention that only deep meditation can bequeath them with the correct answer.

The Divine fellowship with the God still did not resolve his spiritual struggle, which he mentions in his poem:

Since I was twelve my feeling of compassion towards others will grew to the extent

of melting even  mountains.

He recoiled from the need of eating, as he confides to His Lord :

Since the green years of childhood,

I found eating undesirable and  crave only for your grace.

And further :

On seeing my mother’s brow dissatisfaction

I ate fully some days.

Dreading to wound  the loving ones who insisted, I ate,

Otherwise to eat fully I fear this, my Lord  You know.

When they offered me some sweet, sometimes I ate and this made me trembled.

Then I might sometime know new pain.

And so, Lord my Mother,  I fasted freely.

It became his daily practive to go to Thiruvottiyur, which is situated about 8kms from Chennai and affer worship to the God ensharined there. Added to this he used to get printed several songs in praise of the Lord, and these were compiled in one volume and presented to the people by his disciples, subsequently.