When Ramlingam was about 9 yrs old, he was pressed into service by his brother Sabapathy. He asked him to substitue  the young girl, who used to read the religious texts from palm-leaf scripts for the discourses of Sabapathy. Vallalar rendered them so soulfully that the audience thereafter insisted that only he should recite the hymns.

Sabapathy had a discourse  from Periapuranam, scheduled in the house of a  rich man, named Somu Chettiar in chennai.  This went on smoothly for some days. One day he caught with high fever and was not in condition to go &  discourse  the lecture.  He was worried what to do now, as  he did not want to disappoint the otganiser and the audience. As his wife knew the talents of the young boy as the same was not revealed to others so far, she requested her husband to send his brother to the place and fulfil the engagement.
Sabapathy was totally ignorant of Vallalar’s depth of knowledge , he refused to accept her request in the first instance, but as there was no other alternative, at last he agreed to sent him on his behalf.  He called on Ramlingam and asked him to inform accordingly & sing some songs from Thevaram before the audience and complete the Prayer meeting.

When Ramlingam went there, the audience has already gathered &  the hall was fully packed.  When Ramlingam sat before the audience and began his discourse, everybody looked upon the boy as to what he would do at this young age since the subject matters of a higher nature to be handled only by elite persons.

The first word ‘Ulagelam’ begining in Periapuranam was taken up for annotation, words gushed throuh his mouth and a flood of inspired eloquence flowed from him.

Ulagelam means All the World & Ramlingam explained all the worlds  which no human has ever discovered till date now. Pin drop silence prevailed in the assembly and everybody was surprised to see the extraordinary eloquence the boy had even at this young age. There was a consensus among all that he is a God sent.  He kept talking till late at night,  without palm leaf scripts.  The explanation for each word came in torrent and thus the time constraint was not at all felt by any of them.

This was the first talk he gave after coming out from the closed room. He won his listeners completly. From then they wanted Him to conduct all the discourses and not his brother. Sabapathy agreed but was wondering how this boy without getting any formal education can discourse lecture on such diffcult topics.

To verify the truth Sabapathy himself went  in the hall and sat in corner without telling anyone . When discourse started he felt it was a dream, but after some time he realised its reality & its his younger brother is the lecturer. He came home & narrated this to his wife and both agreed that Ramlingam was not a normal human but  representative of God fully vested with His Divine Grace.

When Ramlingam returned home, Sabapathy embraced him with love & affection and requested him to pardon for all the trouble he had given him in past days. Ramlingam stood easy while praising the Supreme God in his heart.

Ramalingam himself expresses his gratitude to the Divine when he says ‘‘ Effulgent flame of grace that lit in me intelligence to know untaught.”