After Ramlingam was given a separate room of his own… he used to meditate there for long hours. His brother didn’t know what he was doing inside the room but it was good enough for him that his brother stayed at home.

Vallalar set up a mirror and an oil lamp in front of it. With these aids he meditated and prayed.  The flame as a symbol of the Common Universal Soul and the mirror as one’s self in which the flame is reflected. Putting all efforts to make the mind pure like an untarnished mirror, in order to have The Universal Soul reflected well within oneself. In this way Vallalar is giving birth to the realization of the Universal Soul, the universal love and compassion for all creatures. He saw that the same flame which is reflected within all beings, in varied degrees according to one’s own spiritual, mental, emotional and physical development. The first vision during this meditation was of  Lord Muruga.

In the saint’s own words:

“The beauty endowed divine faces six, the illustrious shoulders twelve

He started composing songs even at this age or perhaps earlier, as he himself says to his Lord:

Little grown in body and in perception,

Little feet romping in the street,

I made songs, which You made me sing,

You reveal me the process going from the empty space to matter.

Your cool compassion has no comparison to anyone else.

In this room untaught by anybody, he apparently acquired his learning by himself. For this he offers gratitude to God in several of his poems, like the below one:

Vast Grace effulgent Light you have given me the support of the Grace

Light so I can learn without external education

The first song he sang was about Lord Muruga of Kandaswamy temple. It was a series of 31 songs in the form of poems one of which is sung widely today in tamilnadu :

Give me relationship to the supra consciousness souls that live in oneness with you.

Keep me away from those who do not tell the truth

Let me rejoice, singing forever your glory, lead me beyond lies and pride,

Guide me, on the quest beyond creed, help me to forget the longing for

Enchanting women(prostitutes or ladies with non respectful intention ),

Grant me intellect, wealth of health, grace compassion, for ever dwelling in you