Diploma in Applied Sciences (DASS) by Siddha Applied Science Institute (SASI) is a tribute to the Siddhars of south India, their unparalleled contributions to mankind and their ageless wisdom.  This three year online diploma is directed at developing a new line of Siddha practitioners who will be able to do justice to the true essence of the Siddha. Our graduates would be working as living lights of Siddha, spreading Siddha wellness therapies and cures to the world or in other words transforming people into a system of life that’s very natural, easy and self sustainable.

Admission for DASS 2012 Batch is open. Please email info@siddhainstitute.com or visit http://siddhainstitute.com/courses/dass for details.

The combination of spiritual sciences, pranic and cosmic energies with Siddha medical knowledge imparts a unique nature to this course. SASI has achieved something that no one has achieved since the ages of the Siddha’s.  SASI realized that a true Siddha applies his wisdom in providing timely and effective solutions which is relevant to the time and the environmental conditions that exists. The wisdom and knowledge to adapt and transform ancient Siddha wisdom to one that suits the modern man is the true success of a Siddha. SASI has achieved this ability to transform wisdom to practices, medicine and education that is relevant to the time.

Through DASS we train and empower students to apply the Siddha knowledge in a modern way backed by research and product support provided by SASI. Students are provided education that provokes critical thinking, unlocks wisdom, imparts confidence and above all provides an experience that’s truly Siddha. They are also provided rigorous training in practical skills which includes, energy practices, application of herbal wisdom in combination with wellness therapies, diagnostics, secret varmam techniques and much more using modern methodology. All knowledge and skill sets gained can be adapted into a modern day practice including wellness spas, Siddha healing centers, online consultations and even into herbal medicine preparations. The avenues of application are many when combined with Siddha wisdom that one acquires over the three year period of study. The quality and quantity of study has been carefully crafted to bring out optimum results and confidence in each student. The course is easily structured, simple and informative with a great deal of learning flexibilities.

DASS is open to all who have finished 12 years of schooling and is currently offered in English and Russian.

Please visit http://siddhainstitute.com/dass to learn more