The world, as we see it today, is affected by myriads of negative effects, all of them of human origin. A good percentage of it is never intentionally done. It is a complicated question why we do this to ourselves, but the answer is very simple.
We harm our nature and life because; we do not know what we are and why we are here. Failure to see, the larger picture, the true unfolding of ones life and its mission, we entrain on a self destructive cycle of building and demolishing to improve our lives. The truth is that, we are depleting one resource to build yet another, less productive one, in the futile pursuit to achieve a permanent solution.

Over the years or over many lives, some have realised that the permanent solution is to change us from within. Time to time these realised humans have come down amidst us as great teachers, saints and leaders, yet, the world has still a lot to improve. Today, as we are moving into a more illuminated phase of human evolution, knowledge needs to be unlocked and taught, to let humanity catch up with its own true potential. This true potential is called Inner Power. The world needs people who can show them the way by effectively training them to recognise this huge potential. It is not just a few of them we need, but we need them in large numbers to effectively reach all corners of the world. If effectively trained, humanity can achieve tremendous potentials and take care of themselves as well as their world. Auradefence has taken up this mission of teaching and training people with Inner Power techniques that are highly effective, yet simple to do, to bring about a generation of people who are highly effective, healthy and positive in their lives.

Our Inner Power system is being taught world over through workshops and contact classes (Aragams). People from all walks of life are being benefited by this amazing system of inner power. Now we are working towards increasing our number of qualified teachers. This would help us spread our unique techniques to the millions around the world who are in need of such a transformative guidance to reach their true potential. If you feel that you have a mission to do something for humanity and are able to dedicate some time for Inner Power training you may be our next accredited teacher.

Surej Aloysius

Inner Power Aremba Acharya, India

If you are interested please contact for schedule.