The Ancient Siddhar secret brought to you by SASI research

SASI Research has always endeavored to bring out pure herbal based wellness solutions for mankind. After the huge success of Inner Nectar, Dhatu Nectar and Inner Beauty products. Combining both purest of herbs and cosmic energy, SASI has brought about a new revolution in wellness. SASI’s ongoing research to combat lifestyle diseases has led to the regeneration of many secret Siddha recipes for wellness.  SASI proudly introduces the following range of Herbal Wellness Supplements.


The eternal beauty personified in the form of an enchantress, a divine presence of exquisite beauty, this product carries potent herbs and specific cosmic energy practices that help you bring about radiant youthful body. Equally effective for men and women, this product enhances weight loss and promotes wellness. When supplemented along with your daily practice of, Sarva Shati sadhana, Inner Power practices,  yoga, aerobics and other wellness promoting practices, this product aids in weight loss, restoration of endocrinological and metabolic processes to normal state.

Lifestyle induced obesity is a huge problem in the present society, with fatal sequels like heart attacks, kidney failure etc to debilitating diseases like diabetes, arthritis and serious immunological problems to name a few. Very few people understand that there is no one drug solution to weight loss. One herb that works for one group of people may not work for another group or individual. The reasons for obesity can range from physical, genetic, viral and even to mental influences. Many times the person suffering is helpless because their body is beyond control. Apsara is Siddha herbal formulation which fully safe daily supplement that will slowly work on your system to help weight loss by restoring balance and control to your entire body, endocrine glands, fluid balance, muscle tone, metabolism, detoxification etc which is considered one of the safest ways of weight loss. This approach ensures that what you loose is not easily gained back because your whole body is targeted, not just the fat deposits. The simple cosmic energy empowerment practice will ensure that your emotional and physiological status be equilibrated to healthy level during the course of therapy.

Apsara comes in two packs, the morning pack ‘Surya’ and the night pack ‘Soma’. In general the morning pack works to stabilize the system to face the days physiological and mental challenges while the Night pack works to restore and cleanse the system.

Yuva Nectar

Live happier, look younger!

A recipe thought to be long lost; used by great Siddha’s including Jesus Christ. This preparation, very unique to the Siddha system, brings about cellular regeneration, facilitates rapid elimination of toxins, prevents oxidative damage and premature cell death. This herbal preparation when combined with powerful cosmic energy can slow down the ageing process. When taken as a daily supplement it will aid in the daily normal detoxification process and works on the cellular level to bring about slow down ageing. Apart from this, Yuva Nectar controls body heat and heat induced damages and is hence an excellent supplement for people doing spiritual practices. During spiritual practices sadhaks body can get heated up due to bodily resistance to flow of intense energies, this heat can many times alter the physiological balance and cause some side effects. Yuva Necta can nullify some deleterious aspects of spiritual heat and prevent imbalances arising during the cleansing process.

This herbal supplement can be effectively used by people suffering from Haemmorrhoids, PCOD and contaminated and hyper pitta states.

Vidhya Nectar

This herbal preparation is considered equivalent to gold in Siddha lores. This simple, yet powerful brain tonic enables the proper development and working of the brain. When combined with the Saraswathi Diksha it forms a powerful means to unlock the hidden potentials of human mind. This medicine is good for any age groups but is a must for growing children. It improves cognition, memory power, faculties of both lobes of the brain, overall brain development and ensures neural health.