All the names given here are pseudo names to protect the privacy of people involved

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My first experience with Ananda Siddhi

I am about to tell my first experience of healing with Ananda Siddhi. It is about a girl I healed sometime back in Malaysia. I met her at an orphanage there. She sat before me in a silent prayer, as I started healing her using Jothi. Minutes went by and as I was feeling Arut Perum Jothi flowing strongly through me, I sensed this girl crying. She was having an emotional release. Soon I stopped the process and stepped back. She stood up to leave. Suddenly I remembered about the Ananda Siddhi diksha that was bestowed upon us by Pranaji, yesterday. Why not try it….I thought. I asked the sobbing girl to once again sit for a healing. This time I used Ananda Siddhi, but now the flow was instantaneous, I was swept into a deep ocean of calm and stillness, with infinite joy before, the profoundness of the experience is beyond words. I do not know for how long I stood like that, but as I opened my eyes, I could see a certain icy coolness in my heart centre. I looked upon the girl and said thanks. That was when I saw her face very clearly for the first time. She was not crying but looked perplexed and kept on blinking her eyes like we do when we see unbelievable things. I asked if she is OK, she just walked away as if in a dream. I never knew, at that time, that Ananda Siddhi could clear cellular memory; it is was just the  beginning of my great journey of experiencing peace, calm and joy. Later that day as I was about to leave the orphanage, this girl came running behind me and said to me “Anna thanks” (Anna in tamil = Brother). This was a moment of joy for me and my first reward with Ananda Siddhi, a moment I will never forget in my life.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Healing Levin

Back in India, I used this never like seen energy, on my cousin’s husband who was holding onto much emotional baggage, which he gained during his teenage when his parents died and during his tumultuous days of education and struggle living with relatives and in boarding schools. Two minutes after I started healing him with Ananda Siddhi, he started to tremble and felt him struggling for breath; I could feel his shoulder rising up to gasp. I opened my eyes to see what was happening and I saw him gripping the table in front of him as if in agony. I continued for another five minutes and he held on and slowly his body relaxed and his breath became normal. I also went into a deep meditative state by that time. At the end of the session, I asked him what he felt. He replied that, all he could remember was him writhing in pain and thinking that he was having a heart attack, rest, he can’t remember a thing. He also told me that, he felt as if a huge load has been removed from him…or in his words… “I feel as if a huge stones has been lifted off my chest”….Many times from then I have used Ananda Siddhi to successfully heal people with emotional troubles with ease. Personally, for me meditating with Ananda Siddhi is like opening my heart into a infinite, unfathomable space of happiness, calm and stillness.

Healing Nipa

This was a special experience for me; for, this person I am going to talk about has some inner eye capabilities by birth. She is 34, and was having trouble at her work place from, an over aggressive boss. She always reaches home worked up and stressed. Her work place conflicts extended to her household most of the time. Her elder son wore the brunt of most of these mood shifts.

I used Ananda Siddhi to heal her and as usual she cried all through the session. After the session, she was found very cheerful and suddenly feeling positive and having a kind attitude towards her boss. She felt a greater understanding on her boss’s issues. She described the whole ten minutes I spend on her healing, to a kaleidoscopic vision, full of colors, and colors so vibrant that they could be almost sparkling within a brilliant ocean of blue. She felt like being dropped into a space that cushioned her and she forgot all her miseries and went back to her childhood times, or some feeling that associated her with her happy child hood.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Healing Soniya

Yesterday I healed Soniya, 40, F. She came to me with a persistent head ache. I started healing her with Jothi. Almost by the end of the session, I felt like giving her an Ananda Siddhi healing. So soon I was healing her with Ananda Siddhi. The process went on good and for around 20 minutes.
Soniya, explained to me the wonderful experience she had during the healing…she said “Initially I felt hot air gushing out of your hands, the intensity of which went on increasing more and more. Then as my head ache was vanishing, suddenly my eyes lit up with brilliant colours like fireworks, and I saw a deep black shadow coming from behind me and then all of a sudden I saw a brilliantt bright golden ornation used to decorate elephants, infront of me. It was shining bright and beautiful and then an elephant came with curled trunk and opened his mouth and then vanished. Flower pots kept erupting all over me.” She also described that her head was feeling weightless and all her head to neck area became almost numb like and felt as if a brreze was passing through her head freely as if through a sieve”
She also felt something escaping from the heart with a ‘pop’.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

An experiment from my master

My master, asked me to test the power of Ananda Siddhi in generating blissful state in the heart of people. Getting the right candidate was tough…Then last week, my wife was troubled very much by some work place issues. Being a very sensitive person who gets worked up very fast, she was crying it out and was very much depressed. I remembered master’s experiment and started sending Ananda Siddhi to her heart. In 2 minutes she suddenly stopped crying and started telling what the issue was and she had a relief in her face. Now that to test the procedure, I stopped it and in a few seconds she slipped back to sadness, and immediately i started sending the energy and she started crying hard and stopped abruptly..then in a few minutes of getting Ananda Siddhi in her heart..she became normal and stood up from her seat and smiled and said why do I bother, let it happen if it has to….either way I am happy.

Hmmm! “Either way I am happy”…thats amazing.