A Journey to Suddha Deham… I am the Light

This year the Advanced Retreat is taking place in Penang, Malaysia.  The retreat will start Saturday morning 5th November and will conclude on Monday 7th November in the afternoon.

The advanced retreat is open to all students who have graduated from the Jothi Body of Light Level Two retreats. That means those who have received the cosmic Jothi initiation from Sri Pranasiddhar (Pranaji).

This is a unique opportunity for the serious student to deepen his/her spiritual journey towards manifesting the Suddha Deham, as well as the Arokia Deham – the diseaseless body. This retreat will offer you a complete, step-by-step methodology and all the energy activations that you require to achieve the Light Body.

Basic Outline of Advanced Jothi Retreat

  1. The focus will be on acceleration and    manifestation of the Jothi Light Body, the Suddha Deham.
  2. Intensive light body (Jothi) meditations
  3. Samayama training
  4. Advanced levels of yoga and pranayama
  5. Introduction to the Arokia Kalai – the Siddhar Art of the Healthy and Disease free Body. Exclusive to this group as they will be the first to be introduced to the next stage of the Jothi Light body evolution
  6. Mahaganapathy Homa for all participants
  7. Satsang on Jothi
  8. And much more…

The Suddha Deham as explained by Swami Ramalingam:

Once the Jothi is manifested in the energetic field of the body, the Suddha Deham can be manifested. The Suddha Deham (Lightbody) takes the consciousness into the higher realms, above the veils.  It is like a protective sheath around the physical body.  It penetrates the physical body and it restores the blueprint of the body. It brings great peace and serenity.  Once the Suddha Deham has manifested it starts a process of turning all sheaths and eventually the physical body into light.  They physical body will acquire a natural fragrance of flowers. This body can move through walls. You can live in this body without eating.  Manifestation of the lightbody into the physical goes through a process until it penetrates the physical body.  The Suddha Deham at first appears as a garment of light.  It contains Divine Thought. It is Divine Mind. It is a manifestation of pure light on the physical material world. It is a melding of the Divine Mind with the Body.

Through the Advanced Retreat, you can start your journey towards the manifestation of Suddha deham.