The Advanced Retreat will firstly introduce you to the art of Arokia Kalai : how to live a life healthy and disease free.

Four step program that makes the Arokia Deham an achievable reality :

  • Activation by means of diksha – the Kaya Kalpa diksha
  •  Food and drink based on siddhar system and this will also focus on the practical aspects as well
  •  Followed by a simple day to day practise of vasi yogam, meditation and simple physical exercise
  •  Finally the concept of Seva that bind all of these.
These are the simple steps that ordinary people can do in their spare time and all of these are practical. As said previously, the sadhana is not for a yogi or a monk, but for ordinary people like ourselves, who maintain this world today.
 Advanced Retreat  objectives :

  • The successful awakening of kundalini
  • The successful activation of suddha deham through Kayakalpa activation and the manifestation of Jothi.

The Advanced Retreat is open to all students who have graduated from the Jothi Body of Light Level Two retreats. That means those who have received the cosmic Jothi initiation from Sri Pranasiddhar (Pranaji).

Date : From 26th to 28th October 2012
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Acharya  Training 

This year Sri Pranaji has planned Special Training for selected Acharyas, both new and old.  Sri Pranaji’s focus will be on a small group of achryas. All achrayas requested to register names with Master.

Final list will be announced on 31st July. Selected Acharyas  need to  bring special Guru Dakshina.

Sri Pranaji’s focus will be on,

  • Training for more deep level Siddha Thuriya mediation. ( For selected acharyas by Sri Pranaji)
  • Next level of NCRP – Mastering the art of Teaching Thuriya Meditaion to others.
  •  This 2 days intensive training will be core training on how to guide students  properly and do the  activation.

Date : 29th & 30th October 2012