Words fall short to explain the feeling when the participants receive Kundalini Shaktipath, Kayaklpa activation during Advance Jothi Retreat. Many of the participants couldn’t express the Gratitude to our Masters  Sri Prnaji in words but definitely we feel from within..


A testimony from Advance Retreat,2012 participant

Found the pearl of missing jigsaw..

How to put it…words are insufficient to pay gratitude to both Master Manimaran (Sri Pranaji) & Master Raj (Sri Pranaraj)..its my most humbly gratitude to both Master that have brought the highest teaching in the simplest manner..throught out this Advanced retreat has given me what i was really searching since i initially started my quest for the profound truth…thanks to you Master’s, u have shown me and the rest of the student most of the important points that we failed to discover..u have given most important technique to be applied..

Now its up to us to discipline our self and to perfect all the little details you have shown to be mastery of to complete the quest..

We all felt very blessed and able to experince the shower of love from higher beings which words not able to describe..u have given us the path we needed..with yours and higher being blessing, hope we can continue the journey to discover divine..keep continue the great work and continue showing us the path needed..The journey has begun..thank you Master’s..arut perum Jothi..Jothi bless upon you both more and more..hoping to meet you both Master’s soon as have been blessed to meet real Master like you..

– Harvinderjith Singh, Malaysia