A true Siddha Practitioner can heal using herbs, fragrance, minerals and even air because he knows that healing happens from consciousness that flows to physical level.  DASS students are trained to understand and do the same.

Diploma in Applied Siddha Sciences (DASS) comprises of various modules that aims to heal and rejuvenate body, mind and spirit. A true Siddhar is a spiritual practitioner who can understand, heal and rejuvenate all aspects of a human being. Through DASS, we aim to train you in the true Siddhar way.

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Siddha sciences originated from the knowledge of enlightened Masters who knew everything about energy and herbs. This system had given equal importance for cosmic energy and herb and integrated both to form an amazing system called Siddha. They taught the world that our body is not only a mineral made structure but there is energy in it that gives us life and vitality. Siddha Medicines use not only herbs but minerals also. This system even teaches the way to convert poison to medicine. Siddha system has such a wast knowledge that can help the humanity in every aspects of life. But nowadays this practice has reduced only to herbal system due to the intervention of time, society and politics. Herbal part of Siddha itself is great and is giving results that no other remedial system is able to produce but that energy related knowledge is essential for giving a completely transformative treatment.

Besides the philosophical and spiritual texts the siddhars’ manuscripts contain also essays on biology, anatomy, physiology, chemistry or astronomy. The complex knowledge of these subjects is the result of the integration of spiritual and scientific approach to the cognition of the world and the human being.

Through the systematic observation and the study of the nature siddhars have also developed the compact system of the medicine. The records of this system which is written on the palm leaves date to the pre-vedic period, it means before 1200 B.C. It is obvious from the siddhars’ manuscripts that their medicine system pays attention to both body and mind.

Siddhar Thirumoolar have defined the siddha medicine by these words:
Medicine is that which treats the disorders of the physical body;
Medicine is that which treats the disorders of the mind;
Medicine is that which prevents illness;
Medicine is that which enables immortality.

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Course Duration :
3 years consisting of both online classes and direct workshops

Credit system :
The diploma will carry total credit points of 240

Teaching mode:
All theory classes will be delivered in an online distance education mode and practical classes will be delivered through direct workshops. Practical classes will have 60 hours duration per year. In addition to this, SASI will recommend a topic on which the student has to submit a dissertation followed by viva voce.

The core Components of the diploma will be Applied Energy and Applied Herbal Medicine

DASS comprises of various modules that aims to heal and rejuvenate body, mind and spirit. A true Siddhar is a spiritual practitioner who can understand, heal and rejuvenate all aspects of a human being. Through DASS, we aim to train you in the true Siddhar way.
Even though following course listing tries to separate the practices into body, mind a spirit related categories, a student should understand that each practice has a profound healing effect in physical, mental and spiritual levels.

Important note: Siddha Applied Science Institute reserves the right to change the course content, course structure, mode of execution and fee structure at any point of time.

For Body

  1. History and Fundamental Principles of Siddha Medicine
  2. Both theoretical and application level knowledge in Kayakalpa – the system of completely disease less body that is based on energy and herbs
  3. Healing methods that can change your body in DNA level
  4. Sarva Shakti Sadhana
  5. Optional – 1*: Aayam Energy and its applications through Inner Power Level-1 training. The practice heals and rejuvenates the body.
  6. Optional – 2*: Inner beauty therapy and applications of related energies through Inner beauty Level-1
  7. Padardha Chintharmani (Details of Medicinal Botany, Metals, Minerals, and Animal Kingdom)
  8. Noi Nadal (Siddha Pathology)
  9. Nadi Shastram (Pulse Diagnosis)
  10. Sattam Saarntha Maruthuvamum Nanju Noolum (Forensic Medicine and Toxicology)
  11. Pothu Maruthuvam (General Medicine)
  12. History and Fundamental Principles of Siddha Marmam.
  13. 108 Marmas and Adangal Sasthras (Anti Vital Point Theory)
  14. Varma Medicine, Prognosis and Remedy
  15. Clinical Siddha medicine
  16. Applied Siddha Medicine
  17. Human Anatomy & physiology

*Note: Students can choose any one from optional -1 and optional – 2 subjects as part of DASS. If the student desires to learn both the practices, it can be done with additional retreat charges.

Spiritual trainings and trainings that target mind are interrelated. They complement and help each other and in turn prevent diseases in physical body also.

For Mind

  1. Advanced Meditation practices with Jothi
  2. Heal your emotions and fill you with bliss with Ananda Siddhi
  3. Training on mind-body relation
  4. Vaasi yogam to increase inner strength, cleanse nerves and restore mind’s balance
  5. Nerve cleansing practices with energy and herbs to strengthen nerves and mental functions
  6. Herbal practices to increase brain’s efficiency

For Spirit

  1. Jothi related practices to achieve the state of Suddha Deham
  2. Kayakalpa practices to unleash the power in your DNA
  3. Kundalini Shaktipath to support the indispensible part of spiritual practice – the Kundalini awakening.
  4. Complete spiritual self defense system with Aayam energy and Shakti Payerchi
  5. Comprehensive training on inner vision and energy sensing

Note: Spiritual and mind related training will be covered in Jothi Body of Light Level 1 and 2 retreats, Advanced Retreat and Inner Power/Inner Beauty retreats and other trainings

Admission criteria :

Minimum age :
18 years

Minimum educational qualification :
12 years of formal school education with fluency in English

Other pre-requisits: None

Practical/ Hands on sessions:
60 hours of practical sessions will be held every year. Its is compulsory that all students attend their relevant training sessions during their courses of study. All practical and hands on sessions training will be provided in either in Malaysia or India. Special requests for having training session in other countries will be considered depending on the feasibility at that point of time. All practical sessions will be intimated 6 months in advance. All training materials will be provided by SASI.

Please visit http://siddhainstitute.com/dass for details