Teaching Healing with Bliss courses through Pranashakty has been a beautiful and enlightening experience for me.

So many people come to these workshops in my small town, and neighboring rural area, because they are free of charge (donations are accepted but not solicited), and many where I live have modest incomes. Jobs are scarce and regardless, some of us love to live simply – perhaps by not using a cell phone or by not purchasing an automobile. Some of us don’t have indoor plumbing or running water. For some of us it’s by choice, and for others, it’s out of necessity.

Not only are Healing with Bliss workshops full during the autumn, winter and spring seasons, but the people who choose to come and to engage on their own individual and unique spiritual journeys, are ready to share what they know and even more importantly, to simply listen, and to take in what rings true to their spirits.

When students feel the jothi infusing their chakras with light, and then move/dance to the movements of the Sarva Shakti  Sadhana, I see layers peel back, and something very precious and innocent comes forth.

The look on the participant’s faces when they feel the Ananda Bliss energy coursing through their systems, firing up their palms and reaching out to heal their neighbor, is priceless. Some of them look amazed – some are shocked – and still others vibrate with joy and love.

Participants continue to keep in touch. Some come to see me regularly and others simply write me an email once in a while, sharing their experiences, asking questions coming straight from their spirit, keeping an energy exchange flowing between us.

I learn so much from them all.  My students are my teachers, and I still have so much yet to learn. This, however, does not fill me with anxiety, or even a premeditated sense of accomplishment, but overcomes my self with an immense, flowing tide of gratitude – that I have been so lucky to find myself on a journey of destiny in which each step on the path reveals a jewel – whether or not I step on the jewel and hide it from view, or step next to it, sharing its existence and allowing it’s radiance, and my own to combine and shine, is my free will.

Sri Jothi Veeram Ma

Acharya, Pranashakty International,



“The work shop was just lovely, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, especially the healing session. I have been amiss at practicing, but have been repeating the mantra daily… I might add what a wonderful spirit you are, and I so enjoyed your positive, uplifting, gracious energy,, you are a kind gentle soul… I look forward to attending another one of your workshops.”

Sandy, Canada

“I really appreciated and am thankful for the workshop you gave… You taught me how to meditate and I find I am now focused on my meditation.  As you said, the seed is planted, and it’s up to me to make it grow… Thank you.”

Maureen, Canada

“I am grateful to you and to the Anand  Siddhi energy. When you blew on my sacral chakra I felt great energy in my entire body like I haven’t felt in years. Plus during that same chakra blowing session [infusing chakras with Jothi (white light) divine energy] I had many visions of symbols, gods, etc. I am doing the meditation every night before bed and the exercises in the morning. I am looking forward to see what will unfold of it all.”
Anicka, Canada