The Inner Power course is not for everyone. It is intense. It is physically demanding. It requires a strong commitment. And the rewards are truly worth it. To experience your body transform in front of  your very eyes and to feel the difference in energy, power and confidence, and to have other areas of your life transform as a result of this is nothing but extraordinary change.

My cupu chakras at the soles of both feet were activated in Kuala Lumpur in the autumn of 2009 by the Masters, and I was put through the intensive anaerobic exercise of Shakti Payerchi with bare feet sliding on bare sand. Ever since the inaugural Inner Power Retreat I have maintained a consistent Shakti Payerchi and Aayam shield practice up until now. During this time I have observed my body transform, my energy levels skyrocket, and my need for sleep drop to a mere 5 hours a night. As my body and energy grew stronger, I increased the number of repetitions per set in the practice, and have raised my own standard.

As one learns to obtain greater command of his or her prana in the body, one starts to feel and experience oneself more and more as an energy body and not only as a physical body. One starts to discover abilities with directing on’s flow of prana and energy. The feeling of power is a direct result of the Aayam energetic shield and aura growing stronger through practice. One starts to notice that the reaction of other people to him or her changes. There is a feeling of great confidence and a highly alert stillness. One feels ready for anything, whether physically, mentally or emotionally. I do not get sick. I do not get cold. Negativity cannot exist around me. My mind is super clear. And it is fun to watch people’s reaction to my presence, without a need to say or do anything.

As a natural part of practice, I have been conducting level 1 workshops in my area to share this with others. Some of them  are quickly intimidated by the intensity of the practice and lose interest, and while those with strong intention hang on. Those who have applied and committed themselves to the practice have experienced dramatic transformations. One sadhak from the western US has watched her Aikido practice take to new heights and unbelievable energy levels from the Inner Power practice. Her Aikido teachers and colleagues marvel at her rapid progress. Another young practitioner from the NY area with a past of physical conditions and weakness devotedly keeps up his practices simply because it has given him so much raw power to overcome his conditions, and to cultivate a new foundation of strength to give him new confidence and focus in his life.

At this year’s August retreat in NJ, USA, the Masters offered Inner Power level 2 for the first time in the US, and a group of sadhaks that had been initiated by me eagerly attended to receive advanced activations and instruction. Personally, the additional activation to my manipura (solar plexus chakra) opened up new levels of energy that had previously been unknown to me. The previous ceiling of of my practice no longer seem like a limit, and I am ready to raise my own standard yet again. To watch one of the masters put out a candle flame with his gaze was an inspiration to all who participated, and we all have incorporated this as a new practice individually.

SIDDHA INNER POWER  provides a grounding physical and energetic practice to help one cultivate a strong and sound physical and pranic body from which a powerful energy shield and aura is created and with which the body is transformed into a powerful vessel to elevate any other practice one may have, and to elevate one’s power and confidence in all areas of life.

Sri Jothi Sudar