I would like to share with you my experience of getting liberation from asthma and fears in two days.
A month ago I had an accident and a series of problems then and as a result every night after I waked up in a deep fear that something bad would happen next day. And the asthma that I thought had left me came back again. I suffered too much and had to use the strong hormonal inhalator. By the end of the third week I felt myself totally lost and broken…

After participation in the Inner Beauty level 1 retreat lasting 1 day only in the evening we had a Kundalini Shaktipath. Before it we were asked to do Agni breathing – the practice that I couldn’t do few weeks before during the Special Prana Shield for Radiation Protection. I don’t know why but it was rather difficult for me to breathe this way and that time I stop doing it.  But after Siddha Inner Beauty retreat I noticed that I was able to do this practice rather easy and fast. That night I didn’t use the inhalator… and I have not been using it so far (2 weeks).

Now I sleep very well and have different dreams, some of them are so beautiful and the other ones are so impressible – like my aura or subtle bodies have been going through deep cleaning and those dreams recall the memories or negative charges of my past or even past lives that are going away. I recognize some people of my past lives who are my relatives now – sounds like I am going crazy but it was so real and I recognized them by their habits, way of talking, etc. because this life they have  different appearance. And now I realize why I have such kind of relationships with them.

I am so grateful to masters and acharyas who delivered the retreats including the Siddha Inner Power one. Actually I missed the days and was planning to attend the Inner Power retreat only but that day the Inner Beauty one was held and I participated in it by occasion or Divine Grace gifted me such opportunity.

The Inner Power retreat also helped me a lot and I feel myself happy and full of energy and ideas again. I am not trapped by fears any longer. Being in deep depression I needed some new practice because I was not able to do my previous meditations. Who knows whether it was the dark days in my life or a good luck that brought me to those retreats?!

I also want to clarify my comment about aura and subtle bodies cleaning. While doing different spiritual practices, the Indian and Sufis ones, I noticed that evolution of consciousness is accompanied by a series of experiences. As soon as we are transforming, there will be some periods of time when past memories or negative charges float to the surface through a variety of situations and different people with the same charges. Perhaps there can take place anger at your own desire for transformation and those people who contribute to it – I call this ‘the dark night before dawn’. I found the same feelings in Sri Aurobindo. When these charges are over, you will not attract such people and situations into your life any longer. But these people, in fact, help us to realize the cause of the problem and get rid of it.

I noticed that Siddha masters and acharyas transmitted Divine Presence and that is why one-day trainings were so powerful. They say that a Guru does not transmit the knowledge, but the state, in other words Divine Presence. Deepak Chopra, in one of his books, distinctly tells about the sound of silence, which describes the story of his friend. The last was on his way to work and met a village woman sitting on the side-lines in a state of silence. And people passing by were sunk into the silence automatically.

Moreover, the Inner Beauty retreat gives an opportunity to be active in material life as well. I pay attention to this fact because spiritual practices along with spiritual power put one aside the obvious life and some people lose their life directions. As a result they become disappointed and stop following the transformation path. That is why I am closer to the path of harmonising both spiritual and material sides of life.