A letter of Gratitude to my beloved and most respected Gurus Sri Pranaji and Master Raj and also to acharya Sri Kamala Jothi Ma.

After attending Jothi Retreat in Pune ( December 2010) and receiving all the activations I did all recommended practices daily but at the beginning did not feel or see any special changes in my body or life itself, and also did not have strong believe in that system. But gradually in the course of time and especially after participating in Jothi Retreat in Almaty, Kazakhstan, everything was changed miraculously.

I started feeling great physically, emotionally and mentally. I am 63 years old and thus possessed plenty of medical diagnosis such as three hernias in spine, pain in my knee and soon. Now those problems practically do not disturb me. I used to be an active smoker for 45 years and quit smoking overnight. While doing practices which I do almost every day, I feel beautiful vibrations which are difficult to describe in words, I see beautiful turquoise light or simply glow of light, I feel a constant surge of energy and mood elevation.

And starting daily practise for those who received Kundalini  Shaktipath which was recently kindly introduced to us by Pranashakty Gurus Sri Pranaji and Master Raj I start feeling Kundalini rising, because I am suddenly laughing, singing, dancing… Indescribable joy and bliss fill and overwhelm me.  And now I am able to wordlessly communicate with nature… It’s hard to put inwords all my experiences, words are too scanty for that. I always dreamed and asked my God in prayes to help me on the Sufi path and give me a Teacher.  Now I am so grateful to my Lord for giving me my way, my experience and my Gurus! I hope to worthy pass all the tests and reach the truth.

Gulchikhra Ibragimova.