A feedback from the Color Purple team of UST Global on the Healing With Bliss free event by Pranashakty International at UST Global, Technopark, Kerala, India on Feb 5th 2011.

Programme was a huge success with all the participants enjoying the session to the core, many of them could experience and benefit from the simple practices and techniques. The participation was excellent and we would like to extend our sincere thanks to the participants who followed the instructions of the trainers and enjoyed every moment of their time there. Registrations become full within two hours of announcement of the programme and icing on the cake is that it was an exclusively free event offered by Pranashakty to employees of UST Global.

Most interesting thing about the programme was that apart from all the spiritual techniques they imparted, they captured the energy levels of participants before and after the programme using a EPI/ GDV(Electro-Photonic Imaging through Gaseous Discharge Visualization). There we saw science shaking hands with spirituality. In the image above we can see first image starting from left is before healing with bliss of a male participant, second after healing with bliss, 3rd image shows before healing with bliss of a female participant and last on after healing with bliss.

Feedbacks from participants

Muthamizh Selvan Selvarasu – It was one of the fantastic programs I have attended so far. The people from Pranashakty International showed a complete dedication to train us. The color purple has done the great thing by helping the USsociates live out of stress.  The learnings about the energy and it’s transmission was very new for me. It was great to learn those things. I strongly believe those training would give me a great energy to work and keep me out of stress.

Vandimalaiyan Shunmugavel – Very Nice program for knowing the invisible energy!!  Build and Control our Energy to do the Smart @ work. Sarva Shakti Sadhana

ShinojKumar Pattyatt – program was excellent as they stress more on practical sessions than on words.. one of the best by colour purple.hats off.looking forward to be a part of sss circle in ust. more energetic and refreshed mind

Krishnamoorthi Sinniampalayam Murugesan – A very good initiative and I am looking for more like this. Great work Purple team. I learnt how to increase the Bio-energy of our body through some simple regular practises. And also I will try to do those exercises regularly.

Rajashree Rajendran – It was a wonderful session and very useful too. Looking forward to having more sessions like this..Thanks to Pranashakthy Group for introducing us to wonderful techniques of SSS . Kudos to Purple team for initiating such a wonderful program. The information shared with us were really worthy and all the talks and activities were interesting, informative and inspiring. The practices and techniques to activate chakras and boost energy levels. The breathing exercises..The AnandaSidhi… everything…..each second spent during the session was worth it ..