Pranashakty and the teaching of Jothi has been expanding rapidly in the past year.  In order to facilitate this growth, it was decided in 2009 to introduce the Acharaya programme.

This programme is designed with the intention to create a Pranashakty Teacher  who will be capable of understanding jothi and who will also be able to conduct future Level One Jothi Retreats. All Acharaya will receive special training which will form part of the Advanced Jothi Retreat to be held in December in India. The Acharaya will also receive a special initiation,  as well as a distant on-line mentoring programme.


‘The Acharaya will be a person who has committed him/herself to Pranaji’s mission and whom he has chosen to carry out his mission. The Acharaya will demonstrate his/her commitment through sadhana, seva, kriya (action) and transform his own spiritual growth in line with Vallalar’s Teachings. Pranaji will entrust the chosen Acharaya  to embody his shakty/spiritual power in order to transmit this to others. The Acharaya will be responsible to guide and teach Jothi students and also to transfer some of the diksha in the first level Jothi Body of Light retreats; as well as to carry out other organizational responsibilities. The Acharaya will also be responsible to spread and promote the Jothi teachings in their area (be it regional, country, town or cities) and may need to travel to other countries to help out in retreats’

BASIC REQUIREMENTS TO QUALIFY for consideration as Acharaya

  • He/she has attended the Jothi  Body of Light Retreat and Advance Jothi Retreat as facilitated by Pranaji
  • He/she is participating in global Pranashakty healing commitments
  • He/she shows tremendous personal seeking to know the truth and want to achieve self realization.
  • He/she is willing to be committed to the teaching of Pranaji and follow the path of Jothi as given by Swami Ramalingam
  • He/she is willing to sacrifice some personal time for the cause (obviously within reasonable demand)

Should you feel that you meet the above requirements and you would like to be considered for training as Acharaya, please send an email to and the application forms will be sent to you.