In July of 2010, a group of seasoned spiritual seekers traveled from different parts of Russia (Moscow, Siberia, Ekaterinburg and Uzbekistan) to participate in the Jothi Body of Light Retreat held by Pranashakty International. Already established in Malaysia,

India, Australia, South Africa, Canada and the United States, this marks the first time that Pranashakty is expanding its program to the Russian people. Many of the participants came with high expectations. Judging from the testimonials, what they received went beyond their expectations. In only two days, the incredible energy and intense light had already made a dramatic impact on them – they experienced profound healing and cleansing, resulting in irreversible transformations to a youthful appearance and a blissful emotional state for the entire group. The group were introduced for the first time to ancient siddha knowledge and techniques, which were beyond anything any of them had studied or practiced before. The siddha masters of Pranashakty worked on each participant to clear blockages, activate dormant abilities, and empower them with direct access to jothi light from the source. The masters worked with complete humility and a mindset to fully empower each and every participant. Such is the trademark spirit of Pranashakty.

By the end of the retreat, most had already decided to attend the advanced retreat in December of 2010, to be held in Pune, India, to take their activations and deepening to the next level. As these Jothi Swaropees (initiates) return to their homeland, they will take the light and knowledge them back to share and benefit their people. Their presence alone will bless and heal so many that they will com in contact with. It is a true blessing to see Prananshakty’s mission carried out so gracefully, that the light is spreading to each and every cell in the world for healing and enlightenment. From what I have witnessed this is occurring with increasing speed and intensity. It is an honor to be part of this great service to humanity, and it is especially sweet because I continue to experience tremendous spiritual growth and advancement from this work.

Arut Perum

Jothi, Thani Perum Karunai!

In loving service,

Masha Penson