Anantham, Vannakam, Namaste

In this edition we continue to focus on Siddha Sciences and training through Pranashakty’s retreats.

This time we present special articles on direct experience with Varma Kalai and scientific study on Aura Detox Therapy’s effects. These studies have shown the power of Siddha Sciences and the Pranashakty Team is happy that we are able to provide them to you in a form that can be used in daily life.

Our the focus is on seva.  All work and effort is done by volunteers.  There is no monetary reward for any of the Pranashakty community members who contribute to the great work that is taken out into the world by Pranashakty.   There are no profits made and if any is made, it all goes towards the envisioned Arut Perum Jothi  Siddhi Vilakam – the Ashram for the world.  There are many opportunities for those who are interested in serving, to get involved.  You can do so by sending mail to

The Pranashakty Team