On Monday 15 February 2010, Auradefence International launched its product ranges at an international event, held in Cape Town, South Africa, recently.   The event was attended by members of the media, as well as the general public and students.  Uthaya Kumar, a well-known DJ and radio and television personality from Malaysia, presented an informative and interesting presentation on Auradefence and its unique range of products. The flagship of the product range is Inner Nectar – a unique and rare product based on ancient Siddha wisdom and practise.

Inner Nectar is a pre-Kaya Kalpa medicine which leads to Arokia Deham (the healthy and diseaseless body). A healthy body is essential for spiritual growth and a healthy soul.  Kaya Kalpa refers to the fortification and strengthening of the body and its energetic system.   Inner Nectar has been proved to purify the physical body and its energetic system.  It is used in conjunction with Vasi Yogam and a mantra.

The physical benefits of Inner Nectar are :

  • elimination of free radicals from the body, thus preventing cell and organ damage caused by toxins found in free radicals.
  • cleanses all nadi’s in the body’s energetic system
  • prevents and removes acidic build-up in the body’s joints
  • increases the Base Metabolic Rate of the body and leads to weight-loss
  • balances the three doshas Vata, Pitta and Kapha
  • reduces high blood pressure
  • restores hormone balance
  • improves blood circulation
  • improves thyroid function

Inner Nectar is made from 42 herbs and honey.  These herbs are harvested by indigenous peoples living in the deep jungels of Asia.  They harvest these plants in a sacred and worshipful way, honouring the life force and divinity of each plant.  These plants are not planted or farmed for their properties; they are growing naturally in the jungles and only a very limited amount may be harvested otherwise it will disturb the natural balance of the jungles.

The energy of the Inner Nectar is infused in a secret ritual, which involves fasting and many hours mantra and meditation by living Siddha masters.

Inner Nectar is truly priceless.

The power of Inner Nectar lies in its ancient wisdom of :

– the secret and powerful herbs
– the use of Vasi Yogam with the herbs
– the mantra diksha that is applied while taking the product.

The herbal mixture alone will not be effective without specific body regulation and the infusion of secret energy of prana through the Mantra Diksha.  The combination of the three step system, and with additional siddhar spiritual practise based on the teachings and practises of Swami Ramalinga and Arutperumjothi,  will result in perfect health and eventually Kaya Kalpa (complete body renewal).

The herbal mixture will balance the three doshas of Vata, Pitta and Kapha.  The rare and detoxifying herbs will cleanse the body from the accummulated toxins.  Vasi Yogam is the source for the Prana or vital energy. The Mantra Diksha will activate the chakras and the spiritual energy that will implement and assist the overall process. The vibrations of the living green plant was captured by the Siddha masters into the mantra, before the drying process.  Thus, when Inner Nectar is ingested, with the mantra, you are taking in the power and energy of the raw herbs as traditionally prescribed and prepared by Siddha practitioner.

This is what distinguishes the production process of Inner Nectar from other Siddha medicines.

This is a unique one-of-a-kind rare product containing extremely rare herbs, harvested in their natural habitat in virgin forests in the East. Added to that is the rarified and high vibrational spiritual energy of the Siddha. This energy is infused into the herbs through an ancient, secret and extremely powerful method, only known to the living Siddha. The method of infusing this product results in a rare product that carries the full vibration of both the natural herb and the Divine Consciousness. Considering the rarity of some of the herbal content, and the lengthy energetic process, production is very limited.

This product, combining simple Vasi Yogam and Mantra Diksha will restore and transform the body into a healthy organism. Some of the major diseases will be cured or brought under control, like diabetes and high blood pressure. It will also improve blood circulation, is excellent for detoxification and restores the entire energy system.

Basic Information and Description:

1. A natural health supplementary product, consisting of 42 herbs and pure honey.
2. Free from added sugars, fats, colouring, chemicals, drugs and flavour.

Background of the Siddha Medicine System

The Siddha system of medicine can be described as the age-old traditional medical system from TamilNadu, South India. Practiced for over 3000 years by the Siddhars, the ancient holy sages, Siddha medicine is the oldest medical system and forms the base for other medical systems around the world.

The Siddha tradition is based on the philosophy of the Light Body (the Sudha Deham).  The first step is the Kaya Kalpa diksha which will strengthen and fortify the body and its immune system.  Through certain practises, such as Inner Power by Auradefence, and certain diksha, the Kaya Kalpa energy grows and manifests the Arokia Deham, the diseaseless body.  The Arokia Deham prepares the way for the Suddha Deham, the Body of Light.

The word Siddha comes from the word “Siddhi”, which literally means “attainment, perfection or heavenly bliss”. The ancient Siddhars were far removed from religion and materialistic life. Through their state of eternal bliss, intuition and experience, they formulated several thousand different medicinal combinations made from herbs, herbal-mineral compounds and even from animal derivatives for alleviating disease. This was part of the natural focus and lifestyle of the Tamil culture and community.

The Siddha system has both preventive and curative treatments. Preventive treatments include the Kaya Kalpa medicines. These Kaya Kalpa medicines counter degenerative changes, which lead to aging, through the natural antioxidant activity of the herbs. The Siddha system teaches us “to live with and in harmony with nature”. Practicing Siddha medicine is an art rather than a profession.

According to the Siddha medicine system, various psychological and physiological functions of the body are attributed to the combination of six elements:

  1. Saram (plasma): responsible for nourishment, growth and development.
  2. Cheneer (blood): responsible for nourishing muscles, imparting colour and improving intellect.
  3. Oounkollzuppu (fatty tissue): responsible for oil balance and joint lubrication.
  4. Enbu (bone): responsible for body structure, posture and movement.
  5. Moolai (nerve): responsible for strength.
  6. Sukila (semen): responsible for reproduction.

Similar to the Ayurveda system, the Siddha medicine system also classifies the physiological components of human beings as Vatha (air), Pitha (fire) and Kapha (earth and water).

Disease is created when the normal equilibrium of three doshas (or humours); Vatha, Pitha and Kapha is disturbed. The factors, which affect this equilibrium, include the following: environmental, climatic conditions, diet, physical activities and stress. Under normal conditions the ratio between these three doshas (humours) Vatha, Pitha and Kapha is 4:2:1 respectively.

According to the Siddha medicine system, diet and lifestyle play a major role, not only in sustaining a healthy equilibrium, but also in curing diseases. This concept of the Siddha medicine is termed as pathya and apathya, which is essentially a list of do’s and don’ts.
Based on the above, AuraDefence manufactured a pre-Kaya Kalpa medicine that functions as a cleanser, detoxifier and rejuvenator. This basic system utilizes restorative herbs and specific Vasi Yogam (a form of inner breathing) and is then infused with vitality energy creating a holistic approach. The aim is a healthy body moving towards the Arokia Deham (The Disease-less body).

AuraDefence does not believe that this herbal mixture alone will be effective without specific body regulation and the infusion of secret energy of prana through the Mantra Diksha. The combination of this 3-step system will result in perfect health and eventually Kaya Kalpa (Complete Body Renewal).

AuraDefence advocates the following systems:

  1. Herbal mixture that balances the 3 doshas: Vatha, Pitha and Kapha.
  2. Rare detoxifying herbs that cleanse the body from the accumulated toxins.
  3. Vasi Yogam as source for Prana or vital energy.Mantra Diksha to activate the chakras and spiritual energy that assist the overall process.

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