The Siddha Applied Science Institute (SASI), the research wing of Pranashakty has a new logo.

The logo has Swami Ramalingam in the centre radiant with Arut Perum Jothi. Swamiji is the Sadhguru of Pranashakty, the guiding grace behind all of Pranashakty’s activities. Arut Perum Jothi is omnipresent and so is its grace in our efforts. SASI aims to bring this vast grace light in the form of wellness solutions and therapies, an integration of cosmic energy withe medicine and technqiues to provide better health. Towards the right we have Agasthya muni, the great Siddhar who spread Siddha medicine among humans and to the left we have Siddhar Bogar, who has contributed so much to Siddha medicine, notably Kayakalpa and Kundalini Yoga. They represent the grace and guidance SASI has in delivering Siddha based wellness solutions to mankind. On the top right we have the pestle and mortar along with some herbs to stress our commitment to protect, study and spread the traditional siddha medicine and on the top left we have the Caduceus, the symbol of modern medicine to reflect our commitment to reinforce Siddha medicine with concrete modern medicine research.
SASI is happy to introduce two more eminent personality in to the advisory panel:
1. Dr Srivallammah

Dr. Srivalliammah is will be delivering modules related to anatomy for DASS students. After completing her medical studies from India, she completed her Doctorate and many certifications in alternate medicine and therapies fro various universities all over the world. Along with modern and traditional medical studies, her areas of expertise includes psychotherapy, naturopathy and Massage therapy. She has also worked along with Govt. of Malaysia for various counselling and training programs for public wellness.
2. Ramachandran

Dr. Ramachandran will be delivering units related to Siddha herbal system and diagnostics. He was a professor in Indian Institute of Technoloy, Chennai and has been practicing Siddha medicine for last 30 years. He has writtern many excellent books on Siddha  and the latest of them is the book with 3D imagery of herbs named  “Herbs of Siddha Medicine”.